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Dean’s Welcome Message

Dear students, staff members, teaching assistants and personnel, I am pleased to welcome you to Faculty of Al-Alsun, Minia University, the edifice of scientific excellence, which will hopefully continue to provide distinguished services in all fields and majors of the faculty.

Students are the focus of the educational process, its fruit and purpose of existence. Qualifying them to face life and its challenges in the present and the future is the primary goal of our faculty. Accordingly, the faculty is deeply committed to educating outstanding students to become skilled alumni who are equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical experiences, and positive behaviours, and who have the ability to employ these skills in improving themselves and developing their society. In Faculty of Al-Alsun, we are keen on providing high-quality education in accordance with international standards, as well as developing the level of academic services provided to our students so as to qualify them for Egyptian and international labor market. The faculty also adopts the philosophy of self-learning in academic achievement, problem-solving and building a constructive personality that serves the community.

According to a strategic plan drawn up by the faculty, we are exerting our strenuous efforts to develop the strategies of teaching and learning as well as the financial and administrative policies, and to encourage competent staff members and distinguished students to actively participate in scientific research and community service, which ensures the graduation of qualified alumni who are pioneers in their fields of specialization.

Our faculty includes efficient and highly qualified teaching staff members with experiences from various international European universities, and who are also seasoned team players. Harmony, love and cooperation, are the founding principles of this team, whose players work diligently and with dedication to help students and encourage them to be open to different cultures and raise the level of academic education that is reflected in their professional performance in their workplaces later on.

As a result, the strenuous efforts paid off and three academic programs in our faculty (English language - German language - Spanish language) have been accredited by the Egyptian National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education in March, 2022.

In the end, I remind you, my dear students, that the university is a free platform for democratic dialogue, objective discussion, and correct understanding of all scientific principles. It is also the place where a close and strong relationship between the student and the professor is forged and deepened through dialogues and discussions in classes, taking into account the university norms and traditions. I also remind you that you have the full attention and care of our staff members, who have enlightened minds and attentive ears.


Prof. Marwa El-Schereie

Dean, Faculty of Al-Alsun