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Student Care

Student Care Activity at the Faculty:

The activities carried out within the unit are:

 -Sports activity, which includes: “all individual and team sports.”

(Football, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball) (Swimming, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Bicycles, Wrestling, Athletics, Squash, Tennis, Physical Fitness) for male and female students. 

- Cultural activity includes: (Cultural research - the Holy Qur’an - General Information - Poetry…..etc).


 -Social activity and trips, including: (Social Research, chess, Training courses in first aid, etc.).


-Public Service activities (for male and female students)

- Artistic activity, which includes: (a choir for those who have talent, music, folk arts, fine arts, theater and dramatics).

- Groups activity includes: (art galleries, magazines, different competitions... etc.).


Requirements for registration in groups:


1 The group shall not be less than (50) male and female students.

2 The student is registered in one group only.

3 Pay the due tuition of each group


Science Club: The club qualifies scientifically and intellectually gifted students to make scientific innovations and inventions, in addition to developing students' abilities in the use of computers.


4 Preparing for student union election under the supervision of the faculty administration to ensure

Complete impartiality.

5 Working in the field of social care for students through the Solidarity and Subsidies Fund


Requirements for getting Social Solidarity Fund Subsidy:


1. The student goes to Student Care Office to fill out the fund form.

2. A social research is submitted, including the number of family members, and approved by the social unit to which the student belongs.

3. Provide a report indicates the family income:

a. If the parent works in a governmental sector, the student submits a salary report from the responsible employer.

B. If the parent works in agriculture, the student submits a report indicates that there is no agricultural possession from the agricultural association.


C. If the parent works in self-employment, the student submits an administrative certificate approved by a governmental sector with the parent’s income.

D. The provision of social benefits is limited to the new Egyptian student who has not been subjected to disciplinary judgments by the university.

E. Students applying to the Social Solidarity Fund are selected according to special rules determined by the competent committee.