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Dear Gentlemen, Faculty Members of Al-Alsun Faculty,

According to the recent directives of the Faculty Dean,
we would like to inform you that no news about the Faculty
will be published until after the Faculty Dean has signed the
approval of this news. After that, head to the headquarters of
the Information Technology Unit on the fifth floor
(during official working days) and deliver the signed news to
the developer of the electronic portal in the unit to make
a photocopy of it and publish it on the official email of the faculty members and the official Facebook page.
News only for faculty members is excluded from the official
Facebook page, and in this case it is announced only to the members group.
For any inquiries, please contact: itunit_alsun@mu.edu.eg or at: 01009208026
We thank you for your effort and cooperation

Director of Information Technology Unit
Dr. Mohamed Diab