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Periodic Review System for graduate specifications of educational programs

The graduate is the main objective of the program, so his specifications are considered a great importance in order to be sure of his suitability to the changing labor market.

Therefore, the specifications of the graduate of the program will be evaluated and reviewed periodically every five years, provided that the review period must be characterized by flexibility in the event of national or international changes or at the level of the Al-Alsun Faculty.

The review system aims to:

1. Continuous evaluation of the program by evaluating and reviewing the specifications of the graduate and amending the regulations based on developments.

2. Ensuring that the graduate’s specifications are compatible with social changes and the labor market

The review will take place through the following procedures:

1. Determining the local, regional and international social changes that require a partial or complete change in the specifications of the graduate of the program.

2. Surveying the opinions of employees through personal interviews and questionnaires.

3. Surveying the opinions of students and graduates.

4. Analyzing questionnaires and personal interviews with the target groups and making the proposed modifications to the graduate's specifications and presenting them to a representative sample of beneficiaries from all sectors.

5. Reaching a final formulation of the new specifications for the graduate and approving it by the Faculty Council.

6. Making amendments to the regulations of the academic program if the amendment of the graduate specifications requires that.